Vedran Obućina

Forum director, Institute for European and globalization studies

Dr. sc. Leo Gracin

Coordinator in education/Mediterranean agriculture, Split University, Mediterraneaan agriculture department

Miho Dobrašin

Communication with acters from the Mediterranean countries, EK, EC, Institute for European and globalization studies, associate

Miroslav Kuskunković


Prof. dr. sc. Božo Skoko

Study of the Mediterranean dimension of the Croatian identity, Faculty of political science, Zagreb Ante Rončević

Financing agricultural projects/marketing/education

Robert Hadžić

General coordinator of AGROMED institutions, marketing, Optimus consulting, Zagreb

Prof. dr. sc. Ivo Grgić

Education in agriculture and economics of agriculture/marketing/ Faculty of agriculture, Zagreb university

Prof. dr. sc. Davor Škrlec

Consultant for smart Mediterranean villages, ICT dimension of the Mediterranean agriculture, FER/University of Zagreb

Prof. dr. sc. Marita Brčić Kuljiš

Moderator, Faculty of phylosophy, University of Split, Institute for European and globalization studies Anđelko Milardović

Director Institute for European and globalization studies

Andrej Dean

The corporate dimension of Mediterranean agricultural policy, Fortenova group, executive director of agriculture

Dr. sc. Branimir Urlić

Research activities and networking with Institutes in Croatia and EU, Institut za jadranske kulture i melioraciju krša ,Split Dragan Kovačević

Agricultur science and policy, The Croatian chamber of commerce, vicepresident of the agriculture and turism department

Maja Malić

Communication with the real sector in the field of energy, HUP-Association of Food Industry and Agriculture, Advisor
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