Mediterranean agricultural forum
Split, Cornaro hotel, 14. 5. 2021

Forum goals

  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum is a place for articulating public agricultural policy proposals within a new social paradigm.
  • Special emphasis is placed on the Mediterranean agricultural policy, ie. on the concept of sustainability and self-sufficiency in food production.
  • Presentation and promotion of autochthonous Mediterranean agricultural production (agriculture of the Republic of Croatia)
  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum is a place to promote Mediterranean agricultural products
  • The forum will promote the Mediterranean culture of everyday life
  • The forum will promote the Mediterranean component of Croatian cultural identity
  • The Forum was established in September 2020 as the backbone of a new social paradigmAgriculture based only on sustainability, circular economy and bio-eco-production is a strategic activity of the new social paradigm
  • Contemporary challenges, climate change, pandemics, economic crises indicate what challenges agriculture is facing
  • Food production in the entire European Union, including Croatia, should be economically and ecologically adjusted to the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030)
  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum emphasizes the agricultural symbols of the Mediterranean: grapes, wine, figs, olives, olive oil, etc., but also fishing and specific livestock production.



  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum supports the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030)
  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum is a place of professional and scientific discussions
  • The ideas, proposals and conclusions of the Forum are the backbone of new agricultural policies based on the idea of ​​sustainability and self-sufficiency only
  • The idea of ​​self-sustainability and self-sufficiency is grounded in the concept of Mediterranean agricultural culture, Mediterranean way of life and Mediterranean diet
  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum starts from the premise of Mediterranean culture, but with a special emphasis on agricultural crops. The focus is on the semiotics of the area, which refers to Croatia, the Mediterranean, but also the entire EU
  • The forum is held in Split as the center of the Croatian part of the Mediterranean
  • The Mediterranean Agricultural Forum is a meeting place for theory and practice in the field of agriculture. Croatian, but also farmers from other countries, have the opportunity to present the products or Mediterranean agricultural crops, but also the production specifics of Mediterranean agriculture

In a global risk society, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new social paradigm is necessary. Among the policies that determine it is (self) sustainable agricultural policy.Mediterranean agricultural policy stands out as one of the important components at the level of macro-regions. It will be promoted and studied through the Mediterranean Agricultural Forum (AGROMED).

Identity and self-sustainability


1. Mediterranean identity and agriculture


The panel is dedicated to the common identity of the northern and southern coasts of the Mediterranean, the unique lifestyle, the vision of Mediterranean citizenship. The Mediterranean was created as a result of diverse historical exchanges, cultural features, common lifestyles and changing regional interests. This cultivated landscape reflects a common eco-region, with its sub-regional specifics, hence the idea of ​​the need only for the sustainability of the Mediterranean agricultural area, through a coherent Mediterranean agricultural policy, which lags behind world standards. The pandemic highlighted the importance of this challenge.

2. Croatia as a part of the Mediterranean


The panel questions Croatia’s role in the overall Mediterranean future, especially in agricultural policy. This panel questions Croatia’s role beyond the Mediterranean identity, towards realistic and sustainable policies and orientations towards the Mediterranean area, greater integration into Mediterranean associations, Croatia’s capabilities and added value in this context, especially in terms of agricultural and fishing sustainability, island and coastal self-sustainable movements, the context of gastronomy and tourism activities related to agriculture and the development of unique Mediterranean products, based on the historical experience of the Croatian Mediterranean micro-region.

3. Challenges of Croatian Mediterranean agriculture


The panel is oriented towards domestic issues that contain the collective Mediterranean dimension of questioning ownership and land, and the historical experience of Croatian agricultural policy in the Mediterranean coast. Land policy, water management, knowledge of production and marketing, depopulation of rural areas, and the position of farmers in relation to other occupations are of particular importance for the self-sustainable development of Croatian Mediterranean agricultural policy, especially after market liberalization where large producers are a threat to small and often organic farmers. This situation will be compared with the situation of farmers in other Mediterranean countries.

Educational and scientific institutions

EC and EP

Croatian ministry of agriculture

Croatian network for rural development

Companies HGK Croatian chamber of commerce


LEADER Croatian network

Croatian parliament


Europena network for rural development

Network of institutions

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